Sunday, 28 March 2010

A chance meeting with a respectable wizard

Dear friends,
After my basic but filling lunch I set off to explore the delights of the large walled town of Derse, only to discover that there were none ~ delights I mean. It is a rough and hard place inhabited by men who are almost universally rude and blunt. Already the civilising influences of the south are wearing thin (this far north) and brutal self-interest emerges victorious here, as often as not.
I visited the main market of the town, in the hope of some afternoon refreshment, only to find an awful lot of grubby sheep and a number of coarse farmers and shepherds. However, in a little pub called the Full Jug I met a rather pleasant fellow. A wizard wearing clean green robes and carrying a long straight staff and a bundle of books, bound together with string. Such a character could hardly fail to attract my interest ~ with his obvious badges of academia along with the fact that he stood out from the general loutish crowd by being clean and well turned out!
We had a pleasant conversation over a jug of light and excellent sweet wine (imported from Gefiel in the south, locally they only make a heavy sort of beer.) We have arranged to meet again on the morrow. In the meantime I must set about finding some accomodation.
Fare you well,

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