Monday, 8 March 2010

Gefas Wood

Dear fellow faerie academics,

After a comfortable couple of days rest in Illen (and a number of tasty, although unadventurous, meals) I set out due north from that dull but otherwise pleasant city.
After cutting across some tame open countryside, mostly farmland and so forth, I came to the southern edge of Gefas wood. I confess that I had held a strong, if perhaps marginally irrational, desire to see the place for some years. A gnome of fairly limited acquaintance to me had said that Gefas Wood was one of the Faerie Realms and as such I thought it worth investigating.
At first the woodland was fairly open and pleasant, with a mixture of decidious trees and shrubs, I saw some healthy fallow deer and rabbits, as well as a fox and a goodly number of squirrels and common birds. This happy idyll, sadly, did not last.
After several hours of marching north through this wide forest I had an ominous feeling of being watched. Then I spotted some excellent tree houses, high in a grove of ash and beech trees. Just as I was getting my breath and enjoying the sight of these obviously Fae structures, a net fell upon my head. I was quickly captured, trussed and carted off by a gang of Lesser elves, a tribe of Niggles they were and mighty irritating little people they turned out to be!
I will send more news as soon as the little blighters release me!

Cornelius Clifford,
Trussed up in Gefas Wood

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