Friday, 5 March 2010

In the City Of Illen

Last night I spent a most pleasant evening in the city of Illen. Although it took a long time to get in yesterday, it was worth it. The city is built to a very regular plan within impressive six sided (or hexagonal) walls. These fortifications are tall and strong and very well maintained. The men of Illen are clean, respectable and, for my silver, a little on the dull side. But the food at the Golden Fawn Inn was delicious (I had a cheesy pie and sauteed potato slices - most efficacious) and this was followed by a rousing evening in the company of a party of rumbustious dwarves from Fuggin who were in town to sell spear heads and other weaponry of their own manufacture to the Duke's armourer.
Today I must choose between three roads; the main road west, to rejoin the Great North road at Noillen, a lesser road east, to cross the estuary at Galdos (a rough and bandit infested area) by way of the troll ferry, or the shortest route; through Gefas Wood. This is an area known to be infested with Lesser Elves, Sprites and Forest Goblins. I think the latter will suite my purposes best. Hopefully I will reach the town of Derse within a day or two and pick up the Great North road there without any serious mishaps!


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