Thursday, 4 March 2010

Into Illenshire

Dear Friends

This morning I crossed the border into the Shire of Illen. The border guards (proud lancers in blue hose, fancy braid encrusted red jackets and tall yellow shakos) were most polite, recognising my academic robes and according me with the appropriate respect. However, once out of sight of the border post (conveniently housed next to a large and commodious inn) I was set upon by a large gang of irritating sprites. Although well dressed and clearly not beggars, these mischievous creatures threw stones and taunted me relentlessly for several miles. A mere irritation, it is true ~ and causing no more than a few bruises ~ if that is the worst attack I am to endure on my long journey north I shall be much relieved.
I am writing this parchment whilst waiting in a long que to enter the large city of Illen, it seems that the smart troopers here are very particular about who enters their fair and strongly walled city, so I may be here for some time!
Fare you well

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