Monday, 26 April 2010

At the Wizard's Tower

Apologies for not writing sooner, my friends, I have been rather caught up with a new companion; the Green Wizard I met at an inn in Derse. After several pleasant discussions over somewhat mediocre meals we found we had a great deal in common. The Green Wizard (who's real name is Albert Fingardious Spiggletoad, and only his robes are green, not his skin!) studied as a magical apprentice under a well known mage in Gorglis. He went on to spend several years at the renowned Monastary of Ong. It is from that time that Arthur moved away from the commercial magic of potions and powders (as his Master in Gorglis had practised) and began more esoteric studies. Specialising in studying bestiaries of magical creatures, and indeed the monsters themselves in the wild, whenever the opportunity presented itself.
This, of course, is the area of magical academia where we have so much in common. Arthur's ideas about the development of three clawed lesser drakes (as opposed to four clawed) in the wild mountain regions north of Throm are most interesting....
Anyways, we struck up an instant rapport and it did not take much persuading for me to accept Albert's offer of a short stay in his tower, some miles north of Derse. Consequently I am now ensconsed in this most pleasant of wizard's towers, spending the hours and days reading tomes in my host's splendid wizard's library. I admit, it is hard to resume my journey north and all the privations of travelling the wild lands beyond the Northern Realms. I shall leave soon, if only Albert's elvish cook wasn't so accomplished!
All joy to you
Cornelius Clifford Esq.

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