Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Kingdom of Redune and a ride amongst Westle Beer!

Dear fellow Faerie Scholars,
I have now left the Kingdom of Barradon (and very glad I am to do so!) and entered the Kingdom of North Redune. This country has closer ties to the Empire and is consequently marginally more civilised than Barradon. My next night's sleep will be in the village of High Dyke, although I would rather get to the town of Linkholm. Sadly that commodious port and market town is too far to walk in one day.
I would have to admit I was ambling along in a despondent manner (at the prospect of being marooned in High Dyke) when a caravan of great wains caught me up. The drivers, men from Westle, were pushing their heavy horses hard to maintain a cracking pace. When I waved in a friendly manner, one of them beckoned me aboard. He would not stop, and I nearly lost my footing trying to climb up on the high running board. But it was done in the end and I am now safely bouncing along amongst a dozen great barrels of best Westle Beer. And they must be delivered to Linkholm by nightfall. What a splendid piece of luck!
Fare thee well
Cornelius Clifford

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