Saturday, 29 May 2010

Some pleasant Dwarf hospitaliy in Linkholm

Greetings Friends!
After a speedy but bumpy ride across North Redune in a wagon full of barrels of Westle beer, I arrived safely (if a little shaken up) in the capital of that kingdom. Linkholm is a fair sized city, encircled by high stone walls and with a large river running throught the middle. This leads down to the docks where a great deal of trade is transacted.
As well as being a large mannish city and port, Linkholm has the advantage of being the nearest harbour to the Dwarvish (or Kindred) kingdom of Puggor. The three great holds; Fuggin, Bleddin and Tharhold of that powerful dwarven state produce large quanitities of metal, particularily iron from the deep mines of Fuggin. This iron is manufactured into tools and weapons by the Dwarves of Bleddin, and much of thier work passes through Linkholm. The King of North Redune collects handsome revenues from this trade as well as from the produce of his own mannish people; wheat, sheep and from them, wool.
There is a large trading fleet of great cogs based in the city and these barrel-shaped ships tranport the dwarvish and home grown goods as far north as Gorglis and south to Imradd and beyond. Many ships from the Archipelago (Anguin, Pernor and so forth) also come here to trade, so it is a bustling and busy place.
After my bumpy ride I decided to stay in a Dwarvish tavern - having never experienced such a thing before. It was called the 'Drifting Miner' and is frequented by many dwarves who come and go in the course of their trade. Although the headroom in the bar room was decidedly limited, the beer was excellent and the food good solid fare. They make a robust mutton and parsnip pie (with a thick savoury gravy) which I enjoyed immensly, followed by sweet oat and cinnamon cakes drizzled in cream and honey.
I must say the dwarf hospitality far exceeded my expectations and the evening was topped off by a long round of deep droning epic songs (accompanied by a heavy dwarf drum) that the whole company seemed to know by heart. Most efficacious.
Yours truly

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