Saturday, 8 May 2010

To The North!

Dear Friends
Regretably my friend, the Green Wizard and I are, in fact, no longer friends. We had the most ferocious row after I challenged his theory on the nesting habits of the great southern wingless worm. Clearly his ideas about dragons and dragon habits differ greatly from mine. For I have seen several nests of this particular breed of dragon and know of what I speak. Whereas my erstwhile friend clearly does not! It soon became clear that I was no longer welcome there so I left his commodious tower without further ado. Also with a sad nod to the Wizard's excellent elf chef, whose cooking I shall sorely miss.
I am currently staying in a large and fortified inn in the village of Darth which straddles the Great North Road in the kingdom of North Redune but must make haste, for the Landlords wife is a terrible tartar and says no hot food will be served after sunset, so I must repair to the dining hall with all speed.
Fondest regards

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