Sunday, 1 August 2010

Aboard a ship and sailing North for Gorglis

Dear Friends and fellow Faerie scholars,
I have taken passage upon a great cog (a large, round-bellied, cargo ship owned by merchants of Linkholm) to the city of Gorglis. That great metropolis of the north was not originally on my intended route but I have become vexed with the labour of walking on stony, unmade roads. The fare was expensive (twelve silver lions!) but will have the added advantage of carrying me past the rough and bandit-infested hills of Norbria where I have been waylaid by thieves before. Once in Gorglis I can head inland and then turn North again, perhaps via Carmin. My plan is to take up with a caravan of traders in Gorglis. Several such caravans of heavily laden ponies and carts apparently leave Gorglis in that direction each month and being with one would afford me much needed protection in the wilds of the North.
The wind is set fair and the ship, being large and commodious, comfortable. My sleeping pallet is atop the cargo; which consists of many bales of woolen cloth and is thus a soft and cozy berth. The other passengers are mostly merchants and traders or their agents. They make pleasant enough travelling companions, their conversation, however, is rather limited. Being concerned as it is with such things as the price of corn in Anguin or whether it is worth exporting fur pelts south to Redune this year and so forth.
There are a group of shady looking elves onboard (which is unusual) they sleep up in the rigging (being treehouse dwellers) and keep themselves to themselves. I have tried to enter into conversation with them but they just wrinkle up their pointy noses and give me dark looks without even the courtesy of a reply.
Time for salt beef and ships biscuit on the poop deck now, so I shall sign off.
Yours affectionately,
Cornelius Clifford
Aboard the Blue Swan, somewhere in the Lucpin Sea.

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