Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Dragon sighted off the coast

My Dear fellow Faerie scholars
Today we sighted an enormous Dragon; a blue scaled Great Wyrm from north of the Great Rift Valley, I firmly believe. I could barely contain my excitement as it flew by our rolling barrell of a galleon. Most of the other passengers, merchants and traders, rushed to take cover below decks, thinking, erroneously, that the dragon might attack at any moment.
It was quite clear to me, however (with my knowledge of dragons and dragon lore) that the creature was simply heading south ~ mayhaps it was a female who, having hatched her brood over the winter, was simply heading south for the sun.
She was a truly magnificent beast, blue scales sparkling in the sunlight and her large wings flapping slowly ~ her very mode of flight indicated that she was no threat. If the dragon had been diving towards us out of the sun or sneeked up astern to rip off the ships masts (something she was evidently large enough to be capable of doing with ease) then I would have been concerned. In fact she showed little interest in us tiny mortals, scurrying about on the deck of our cog. All too quickly she was gone. The crew relaxed somewhat and the captain, a shifty fellow at the best of times, gave me a peculiar look. Clearly he was impressed or maybe perplexed, at my lack of trepidation.
Later, when the Captain announced we were stopping off at Sak-Luaan, my heart really sank. A reknowned cess-pit of rogues and pirates, to me the town of Sak-Luaan was a far more dangerous and unpredictable danger than the Blue Scaled Dragon flying calmly by!
All good wind to your sails, me hearties!