Monday, 25 April 2011

Escape from Sak-Luaan

Dear Friends,

Apologies for taking so long to write again. After my escape from the slave traders, I spent some weeks begging on the streets of Sak-Luaan, before I found humble employment in a tannery curing hides and animal skins. It was filthy, smelly work but eventually I saved up enough silver to pay for a passage out of that pit of iniquity. I found a 'berth' on an Anguinian trader sailing to Gorglis. This berth was not a cabin, or even a bunk, just deck space for my poor old bones.

We made good time to Gorglis and there were no more unpleasant maritime adventures, thank the Good Witch!. I am now ensconsed in the Guild of Clerks and Scroll Makers' guest lodgings. The masters of the Guildhouse took pity on me and accepted my word concerning my credentials. I await the transfer of funds from Imradd before I can move to more commodious accomodation and begin to think of recommencing my journey North.

It is good to be alive!

Cornelius Clifford

At the Guild of Clerks, Scibes and Scrollmakers, Gorglis

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