Dragons of the Hidden Realms

The Hidden realms are home to a great range and variety of dragons and their study is an academic speciality of mine.

This elf rider has somehow tamed and trained a largish dragon to become his steed:

Elven dragon rider
So long as the elf has mastery of his marvellous beast then all will be well ~ but personally I would hate to risk the dragon rebelling turning on his master ~ being eaten by my own mount is not something I fancy! Having said that, if anyone can tame a dragon, he would be an Elf, for many Elves can talk to beasts and wild animals.

A rather unusual two-headed dragon;

Two headed dragon

This monster is a cave dwelling two-headed wingless dragon or drake. Ferocious beasts when cornered, these are an intelligent and crafty breed of dragon.

Cornelius Clifford

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