Fantasy Architecture

Fantasy Architecture - castles and treehouses

Here are a few examples of 'fantasy and faerie art' I have sketched over the years whilst exploring the Hidden Realms:
A wizard's fae tree house
This is the home of 'Uncle Fungleberry' his amusing treehouse has clearly been constructed by elves; forest folk of consumate skill when it comes to building tree houses.

And a more eccentric piece of fantasy architecture that tickled my fancy when I observed it;
Baron's peculiar fantasy castle
The Hidden Realms, or Faerie as some call this other fantasy world, are filled with interesting and amusing castles like this one. Maybe it is something about living in a world alongside fae and fairy folk that leads even human builders to create such entertaining fantasy structures.

Another fantasy castle, this time in Pernor;
Fantasy castle in Pernor
The castle illustrated above is of a more conventional medieval form - it would not look out of place in 14th Century France - and yet it sits on an island inhabited by fawns and centaurs!

You can see a further selection of tree houses I have sketched here;