Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cornelius has finished his latest book which is called; Forest Folk of the wild Wood. In this guide book to the wild people of the deep woods, he describes and illustrates many tribes and races in detail. From elves to goblins to faeries; giants, trolls, dwarves and fae folk. You can find out more or buy the book by clicking here and following the link;

Forest Folk of the Wild Wood

Published by Dreamworlds, this book of imaginative children's fiction is for children and adults aged 9-12.



  1. have you stopped publishing? I see your latest post here is from 4+ years ago. I just picked up all of your dream-worlds hex-tile packs on DriveThruRPG, and am hoping you were going to still do a few more.

  2. Hi John
    Apologies for the very late response! Haven't been blogging for some years and just getting back into it now. Yes I am still publishing, in fact going through a bit of a renaissance after a long hiatus. watch this space! Thanks for buying my books, too. Best regards, Cornelius