Saturday 2 April 2022

Here's our latest fantasy faerie story, a little bit of silliness to brighten your day...


Elspeth the Faerie, a magical faerie tale by Cornelius Clifford
Elspeth the Faerie, a magical faerie story

Elspeth the Faerie is a short video, narrated by Doctor Crowtip, click on the image or title to watch it!

Saturday 26 March 2022

Moleswind and the Goblin Invasion, a fantasy story by Cornelius Clifford

 Moleswind and the Goblin Invasion

Moleswind and the Goblin Invasion by Cornelius Clifford
Moleswind and the Goblin Invasion


In the second fantasy book in the Moleswind series, our hero is appointed as a forest messenger and his first assignment is to deliver a scroll to the Dwarf King. The elvish high Queen is seeking his aid against the imminent invasion of the forest by the goblin hordes and their allies. Moleswind, a slight, elf type creature of the wild wood, is carried on the back of a proud centaur to the halls of the Dwarf King. When they return to the camps of the forest folk, the goblins are already massed across the valley. A tough battle follows in which even lesser elves such as Moleswind are drawn in to the fighting as the conflict swings from one side to the other. Moleswind acquits himself well against several hill goblins but when he is confronted by an enormously tall and thin forest giant (one of the Foth) his heart sinks...
60 pages, profusely illustrated with line drawings, this traditional fantasy tale is set in the Hidden Realms world. Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford

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Moleswind and the Goblin Invasion

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Moleswind and the Goblin Invasion RPG


Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter ~ a free fantasy story by Cornelius Clifford

 Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter ~ a free fantasy story by Cornelius Clifford


Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter, a fantasy tale by Cornelius Clifford
Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter


Moleswind becomes ensnared in the magical webs of the Dark Enchanter, an unscrupulous elf of ancient lineage. Plucky and resourceful as ever, Moleswind rises to the many challenges to resolve this quest and save his fellow forest people from never ending servitude under the command of the Dark Enchanter.This is the third fantasy story in the Moleswind series and is set in the Hidden Realms fantasy world. 
Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford, 36 pages, numerous line drawings etc. This digital fantasy book is free.

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Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter 

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Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter RPG


The Faerie Changeling - a fantasy novel by Cornelius Clifford

 The Faerie Changeling

The Faerie Changeling - a fantasy novel by Cornelius Clifford
A fantasy novel about a faerie changeling


A newly born human baby is blessed by the Faerie Queen at birth. Later, when she is ten, Fae discovers she has the talent of magically transforming into a Faerie. As a Faerie (a mere twelve inches tall) she can fly, understand animals and her senses are heightened. After getting lost in the forest and encountering an enchanted pool, some helpful and some dangerous creatures, Fae visits the faerie Queen and her tribe, who are camped in the Wild Wood for the summer. A few days later, when she returns to her village and transforms back to human form, Fae finds evil overlords and their henchman have taken over. The soldiers are imprisoning, stealing from and bullying the farmers. Things come to a head when the soldiers start burning down the poor farmers' thatched cottages. Using her newly discovered talents Fae helps an old witch and a boggle (a kind of half-goblin) rouse the villagers into fighting back…

This original fantasy novel is set in the Hidden Realms, and is written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford. There are plenty of Faeries in this children's fantasy book, plus their natural enemies ~ goblins! Set in a medieval society, this is a unique children's book from Professor Cornelius Clifford.

96 pages, line drawing fantasy illustrations, PDF eBook: $3.99

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The Faerie Changeling

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The Faerie Changeling RPG



Steampunk Airships, Dirigibles and Fantasy Skyships

 A sketchbook of the strange and amusing sky galleons from the Hidden Realms

Steampunk airships, dirigibles and fantasy sky ships a fantasy book by Cornelius Clifford
Fantasy airships and sky galleons


 This book is a sketchbook of fantasy steampunk art and is packed with images of dirigibles, steampunk airships, fantasy skyships and flying galleons. These flights of fantasy from the pen of Cornelius Clifford include over fifty unique and original airships and dirigibles, and is a mixture of line drawings and watercolours. This quirky collection of airship images conjures up a unique and magical journey through the sky fields, flying along airways filled with sky ships and airboats of every shape, size and design imaginable.
   Let your imagination run away along the sky roads as you enter the kingdoms in the clouds; air battles, adventures and flights of fancy await!
   Some of the airships and sky boats featured within are wind-powered; others have steam engines at their heart. There are steam canons and dwarf-made repeating crossbows for offense, and stout oak or riveted copper hulls for defense. Some dirigibles and gondolas are built like boats; others are fish-like; terrifying metal marine monsters of the skyways!
   For lifting the Steampunk dreadnoughts and battleships use various mechanisms; hot air balloons, marsh gas and magic sky pods, lighter-than-air gases like helium, hydrogen and even steam-powered jets. The Forest Folk use sail-like oars to steer and move their air ships, whereas the Darks Dwarves favour steam canon and water jets. In the Hidden Realms the evil Sky Lords rely on various esoteric forms of magic to motivate, lift and steer their fantastical skyships.

You can find out more or buy this fantasy eBook (pdf format) for $2.99

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Steampunk Airships

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Steampunk Airships RPG





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Friday 26 April 2019

Fantasy or 'Hobbit' Houses
Delighted to announce the publication of our latest book: Underground Fantasy Houses, a unique eBook packed full of design ideas, plans and sketches for building a fantasy underground house. Some folks would call these 'hobbit houses' after the charming description in Professor Tolkien's lovely books.

In this unusual digital book, Cornelius Clifford explores how a fantasy house beneath the ground might be constructed. He refers back to traditional earth-house building techniques used for living underground long ago and attempts to answer questions like:

What form might an underground dwelling take?
How to make a round 'hobbit' style window or door.
Are round window frames feasible?
How to dig out a burrow type house, or create a cut and fill home.
Building a mound house based on ancient tumuli and long barrows...
Building a robust roof structure to support an earth and turf roof
Window tunnels to let in light and air.

And much, much more, packed full of ideas and inspiration, this original fantasy book will tickle your imagination, and might even inspire you to create your own underground house!

60 pages, lots of line illustrations and diagrams, PDF eBook: $2.95

You can buy this fantasy book direct from:
or download your copy today from: DRIVETHRU